Cancellation Policy & Refund Policy

BitKrypton is a trading company which is trading in crypto currencies, forex, commodities & indices.

Legal Information

Cancellation Policy & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy:

In order to cancel your account with Bitkrypton, you need to login to your account and send a ticket through your back office. Alternatively, you may send us a request via email, from your registered email address. Please mention ‘Account Cancellation’ as Subject. Kindly note that cancellation requests sent otherwise (e.g. Text message, from any other email address etc.) shall not be entertained.

Refund Policy:

There is no refund policy according to Bitkrypton terms & conditions. Bitkrypton has to complete your contract and you will get daily earnings in your Bitkrypton account. All subsequent fees or payments are nonrefundable. A longer refund period is commercially impractical due to digital nature of the service and immediacy of the remunerations.