Trading Methodology



Every investor starts investing with great believe of making steady and lucrative returns. Whether they are trading for themselves or somebody else is trading for them, the expectation is always to make the maximum returns from their investments. However, in more and more complex financial market, it has never been that easy for any trader to consistently generate stable profits throughout mid-long term basis. Often, many give up and start looking for alternatives like managed fund services managed by really professional traders with solid mid-long term track records.

We at Bitkrypton with over eight years of experience in offering private fund management services are committed to grow your investments in foreign exchange market with our very own expertise that being enjoyed by thousands of our clients worldwide. Our managed fund services is a combination of highly experienced group of professional fund managers to execute daily trading and generating profits from the six trillion dollar market. Our reliable and proven fund management strategies are the keys to our success since inception.


Bitkrypton is a well experienced company in the Forex trading industry has been successful in developing highly effective in-house trading systems and strategies applied in our fund management activities. We have a highly experienced team of fund managers possess excellent market analysis to take very conservative risks to protect capital. The team works tirelessly to ensure strict money management and strategic methods to gain good returns
and minimizing losses in tough market conditions.

We maintain good reputation in the industry by delivering consistently dependable fund management services. Delivering the optimum profits is our 1st priority. Our credibility transparency and honest services as well have
been the reasons why our clients are growing rapidly month after month.


BIT-Storm is a systematic trading strategy which melds proprietary internal signaling software (algorithms) with live human-based trading team. BIT-Storm is based on Harmonic Patterns with tight spreads for which creates low drawdowns. It consists of multiple elements designed to limit client risk levels, while achieving consistent, robust, and stable investment returns. The focus is on primary G-20 currency pairs, with an average holding period range from a few hours to two weeks. The program itself consists of five co-operative yet independent strategies: a short-term / long-term volatility strategy, a short-term / mid-term following strategy, a short-term counter-trend VIX strategy, a risk analysis and capture strategy, and a trading-pair correlation strategy. These five strategies operate in parallel, providing indicated signals on trades, indicated signals on one or more trade series options, and overall trade optimizations for the live trading staff. Minimum risk gives the team a solid risk to reward ratio and has increased accuracy of over 70%.

BITZ-Power comprises of key trading strategy, which is Trend Trading on multiple currency pairs. The strategy
capture gains through the analysis of a particular currency pair's momentum in a particular direction. Sufficient researches have been conducted on this strategy using advance trading skills and tools available to identify the effectiveness of this strategy.